A downloadable game for Windows

A Low Rez Metroidvania.

You are Corn Man, a small 8x8 pixel piece of corn trapped in a maze with nothing but your trusty lazer gun.

Controls are:

WASD or arrow keys to move

X or B to Jump

C or N to shoot

V and M handle certain power ups you receive.

Enter pauses and checks your inventory menu.

Press '1' for fullscreen.

You can aim your gun and shoot in 8 directions.

If you see a small green guy who looks like the main character, he's the shopkeeper. He sells a weapon upgrade for a more powerful shot at a high price, as well as something to fill your HP.

Coins give you money.

Blue Balls give you XP.

And hearts give you HP.

Green Blocks can be destroyed by shooting.

Blue and Red Blocks can be destroyed by shooting but only with an upgrade.

Purple Blocks can only be destroyed with the downward slam attack.

Yellow Blocks require an explosion to be destroyed.

Remember to check the pause menu if you're unsure about anything, instructions on how to use upgrades are also there.

Unfortunately there's some things I couldn't get done in time such as adding a save feature or map, however it's pretty short, may take about 5-10 minutes if you know what to do.


lowres.exe 2 MB

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